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Introducing Nova’s AI Fitness Bot – Finny

Finny is a social fitness feature that helps employees participate in team challenges, improve productivity at work and complete fitness routines daily.

Employee engagement programs continue to move from being a nice offering to a must-have for employers looking to recruit and retain the best talent. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace, and it is no surprise that more and more companies are investing in physical and mental wellness to encourage employees to stay healthy. 

With Finny, companies can ensure happier and healthier workplaces for everybody. 

What’s Finny?

Finny is a social fitness bot for Slack which records and responds to users' fitness activities. Finny is a part of Nova's one-of-a-kind social fitness feature, where employees can participate in daily fitness challenges while engaging and interacting with their peers.

How does Finny help HRs and employers?

Research has shown that engaged employees are happier and more productive. Apart from keeping your employees engaged, Finny also helps in improving the overall well-being of your employees by improving their consistency with daily workouts.

How does Finny help employees?

It is observed that by regularly engaging in daily fitness challenges, users become more consistent with their fitness routine. With Finny, employees can record all sorts of activities ranging from walking and workouts to meditation through daily challenges.

Can anybody get Finny?

Any HR, founder or company owner who has partnered with Nova Benefits for insurance or wellness plans can access Finny. 

If you’re a people manager and would like to avail fitness plans for your team, you can choose from a variety of offerings – like Finny, gym subscriptions, personal training, online fitness programs and consultations. 

How to install Finny?

As an admin or HR, all you need to do is:

1. Open Nova's portal and click on the 'Organization' tab

2. Click on 'Integrations' 

3. Now, you will be able to see all available integrations.

4. Click on 'Slack (productivity).'

5. Now click on the CTA 'Authorize Nova' and click on 'proceed'

6. You would be re-directed to the Slack page and asked for a few permissions

7. Post accepting them, users will have the option to either add all employees to a channel or just create a channel

Now your team’s fitness journey with Nova begins!

How does Finny work on Slack?

It's simple! Finny declares the active challenges for the organisation at the start of the day. Users can send their contributions directly on Slack which Finny will acknowledge on the same Slack thread.

Step 1: Share your fitness input

Step 2: Finny will acknowledge your contributions within the same Slack thread

If you are a part of the Nova family and want to explore more of our social fitness offerings, you can log in to Nova's portal with your work E-mail ID.

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