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Super top-up health insurance covers your hospital bill when your basic health insurance plan is exhausted. It offers a higher sum insured at an affordable premium, giving your health insurance a boost without breaking the bank

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How are Super
Top-Ups beneficial?

Consider this, you have a base group health insurance policy with a sum insured (deductible) of ₹4L and a Nova super top-up health insurance of ₹15L.

1st hospital bill of ₹3L

Your base policy covers your bill of ₹3L

2nd hospital bill is of ₹6L

Base policy covers remaining ₹ 1L and super top-up health insurance covers ₹5L (super top-up health insurance coverage activates once the base policy sum insured is exhausted)

3rd hospital bill of ₹8L

Super top-up insurance covers the entire ₹8L bill (since the amount claimed has exceeded the Base Policy sum insured for the year)
₹4L base policy

Why choose Nova’s Super Top-Up plan?

Increase your base health policy coverage to up to  ₹20L extra in just 2 minutes.

Pandemic Coverage

Covers COVID-related medical expenses, too

Instant Claims

Additional coverage is activated within just minutes of application

Paperless Online Process

No hard copies required or cumbersome process to follow

Additional Tax Savings

Save tax of up to ₹25000-75000 and above 80D limits

Universal Coverage

Top-up benefits stay in force even when you change employers

Comprehensive SUPER TOP-UP HEALTH INSURANCE Coverage from top insurers

features and benefits

More coverage, less limits!

Super top up health insurance acts as an extra blanket of protection for your team

Extra coverage once you’ve exhausted your sum insured
Up to 30 days of post-hospitalisation expenses covered
Up to 60 days of post-hospitalisation expenses covered
Covers 100% of the eligible medical and hospital expenses
Additional protection for parents through Parental Super Top-Up

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Got questions?
We've got answers

What is a super top-up?

A plan that covers your medical bills up to the super top-up sum insured provided in the plan above a base amount (deductible) once exhausted. The deductible amount is predetermined by the base policy. A base policy can be either your individual health insurance or your GMC coverage provided by your employer

What is the benefit of purchasing a super top-up?

Once you have exhausted your base coverage amount, the super top-up ensures coverage till the super top-up sum insured amount. It also gives you the benefit of a higher sum insured at a lower premium amount as compared to regular policies

Are there any age limits or restrictions for super top-ups?

Super top-up plans are available for employees below 75 years of age who are already covered under Nova group health insurance. Dependent children should be between 90 days and 24 years of age.

Does a super top-up plan give me any additional tax benefits?

Any premiums paid for super top-up plans are eligible for tax deduction under section 80D for up to 25,000 per year.

Can I buy a super top-up plan to extend coverage to my spouse and parents?

Yes, you can buy a family floater super top-up plan that offers coverage for you, your spouse and 2 children. Your parents (up to 75 years of age) can be covered under separate individual policies.

Under whose name should the super top-up plan be purchased?

The super top-up plan can be bought by an employee already covered under a group health insurance cover by Nova. You can buy the plan under your own name.

What is the process to raise a claim against a super top-up?

You can raise a claim for the super top-up under your policies section on your Nova Portal. If your base policy is not with Nova, you can visit Nova’s portal to claim against the super top up policy only.

What is the specific waiting period for named ailments?

Expenses related to the treatment of the listed conditions and surgeries/treatments shall be excluded until the expiry of 24 months of continuous coverage after the date of inception of the policy. This exclusion shall not be applicable for claims arising due to an accident.

My account in Nova is created using my work email. So when I leave or switch workplaces, how will the transition be done?

We ask for your personal email when you sign up. If you leave the organization, you can contact Nova to make your personal email the primary email for your super top-up policy.

Will any of the benefits of super top-up change when an employee leaves their current workplace keeping in mind that they were under a group insurance policy?

The top-up policy is independent of your base policy provided by your employer. In case, you leave your current workplace, then the deductible amount applicable for the super top-up should come from another health insurance policy that you have or cash.

For example, if your current workplace provides you with a base policy of 5 lakh, then the super top-up policy will have a deductible of 5 lakh. Now if the hospital bill is 15 lakhs, 5 lakh can be claimed from the current workplace base policy and the remaining 10 lakh can be claimed from the super top-up policy. In case, you leave the current workplace, the initial 5 lakh comes from another insurance policy (your new workplace’s base policy or personal health insurance policy) or cash.

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