The future of employee wellness is here

Pioneer the change from hustle culture to wellness culture with benefits that go beyond traditional care

We strongly believe in prevention is better than cure


Proactive Healthcare

Health benefits that keep the hospital and doctor visits away


Corrective Healthcare

Healthcare that helps you take the correct steps towards improvement


Reactive Healthcare

Health support that feels like family at times when you need it most

But why is employee wellness important for your team?

Attract and retain top talent

Decreases talent attrition and improves employee NPS

Best Place To Work

Enables you to certify as a ‘Best Place to Work’ and improves your company’s Glassdoor ratings

Decreased Insurance Expenses

Decreases future insurance premiums due to lesser claims

Wellness offerings

Discover the power of putting people first

Employee wellness differs across individuals, this is why we’ve got you covered with our holistic offerings

Physical Wellness

It’s no secret that a healthy body leads to a productive mind. Nova’s extensive offerings will help your team stay productive

Telehealth and Medical Discounts

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OPD Coverage

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Fitness and Sports Memberships

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Disease and Lifestyle Management

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Covid Support

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Mental Wellness

Talking about mental health should no longer be a taboo.
Get mental health packages for your team today

Emotional Risk Assessments

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Personal Therapy

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Support Groups

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Mental Awareness Workshops

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24/7 Chat Support

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Wellness Ambassador Program

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Social Wellness

Shower your employees with customised gifts made for special occasions and keep them engaged with bi-weekly sessions

Employee Engagement Program

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Corporate Gifting

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Maternity Care

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Financial Wellness

Ensure your employees have all the resources to access financial help and build a stronger financial future

Healthcare Credit Line

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1-1 Financial Counselling

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1-1 Tax Sessions

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Financial Workshops

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Personal Wellness

Unlock additional benefits that protect your employees, their dependents and pets

Geriatric Care

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Pet Care

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Child Care

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Surgical Care

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Elder Care

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Meal care

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Women’s Health Package

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Driven by our customer's needs

"Appreciate the wonderful coordination the Nova Team has done for my health check-up. Love how the team handled calls patiently and did constant follow-ups to ensure that I have a smooth experience. Kudos to the Nova team for their outstanding support."

Dhiraj Tanwar, Senior Vice President (Product)

"Nova Benefits stands out for their outstanding service, empathy, and dedication, ensuring top-notch employee insurance. Their commitment to individual well-being, evident during my HQ visit, truly stands out. Hats off to their exceptional efforts!"

Bhuvaneshwar Naik, CHRO, Lentra

“The Snapdeal team has had a great experience with Nova. We've been with them for 2 years consecutively! Apart from insurance, they helped us with vaccination and geriatric care for our employees’ parents”

Kunal Bahl, Co-Founder and CEO

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Trusted by


teams to empower



Got questions?
We've got answers

What is a teleconsultation?

A teleconsultation is an instant way for doctors and patients to connect over a video call, voice call or text message.

Are the doctors provided through Nova's teleconsultation services qualified?

Yes, the general physicians hold a MBBS certification whereas the multi-speciality doctors have BSc, MSc, and MBBS certification. Additionally, you can read more about each doctor’s qualifications before booking an appointment with them.

Are the coaches and dieticians provided through Nova's fitness offerings qualified?

Yes, all fitness coaches and dieticians are qualified

What is Nova's AI fitness bot?

This bot is your fitness companion and will make fitness a habit and workouts more fun for you and your team by sharing daily fitness challenges and exciting monthly rewards.

Can I opt for both online and offline gym plans through Nova's fitness offerings?

Your gym access depends on the services purchased by your company for your team.

Why should one secure the mental wellness of their team?

While a group health insurance plan provides the necessary financial coverage to your employees in case of an emergency, mental wellness support can help your team get certified help when they find themselves overwhelmed due to work or personal problems. Providing the right kind of mental help to your team can help them lead healthier lives and increase their productivity at work.

What are emotional health check-ins?

Emotional health check-ins are done as a preventive measure to evaluate how a person is doing mentally through a series of questions.

What are emotional support groups?

Emotional support groups are a safe space for you to discuss common emotional challenges with your team.

Are the therapists provided by Nova qualified?

Yes, all therapists and counsellors are qualified and have a MA degree in clinical psychology or psychology.

Can I request Nova for a specific speaker for their bi-weekly engagement sessions?

All Nova clients can request for a specific speaker by filling a form that we share. Once done, our team will try its best to get the session arranged.

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