Better processes, superior benefits

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes with Nova’s fully digitised insurance portal

TRUSTED and loved by 500+ TECH FIRST teams

TRUSTED and loved by 300+ teams

Reduced employee and vendor queries

Say goodbye to endless emails and calls from employees and vendors. With Nova, you no longer need to worry about your team's wellness

Self Serve Employee Portal

Let us take care of your people. Employees can find every detail related to their benefit or claim under one roof and avail guided support anytime

Countless Healthcare Add-Ons

No more negotiating with multiple vendors. With Nova, get access to benefits like dental care, tele-medicine, therapy and much more at an affordable price

Benefits enrollment made easy

Seamlessly introduce your team to Nova's platform with the support of an array of HRMS integrations

Effortless Onboarding

Our onboarding team will ensure that you and your employees are able to use the Nova portal and app without any hurdles

Easy Employee Enrollment

Insure your employees in no time with Nova’s automated employee addition and deletion feature via HRMS integrations

hear from the decision-makers themselves!

"Appreciate the wonderful coordination the Nova Team has done for my health check-up. Love how the team handled calls patiently and did constant follow-ups to ensure that I have a smooth experience. Kudos to the Nova team for their outstanding support."

Dhiraj Tanwar, Senior Vice President (Product)

“When I first partnered with Nova, I was looking to streamline the onboarding process and ensure that welcome emails were being sent on time to new employees. The Nova team did an excellent job of delivering it. I was especially impressed by their availability and quick response to queries. They are always available by email or WhatsApp for assistance!”

Rakesh Pandey, Assistant Manager HR

"Nova Benefits stands out for their outstanding service, empathy, and dedication, ensuring top-notch employee insurance. Their commitment to individual well-being, evident during my HQ visit, truly stands out. Hats off to their exceptional efforts!"

Bhuvaneshwar Naik, CHRO, Lentra

"Our 2nd year with Nova Benefits has been remarkable due to their quick and efficient claims processing. The exceptional commitment of their team, ensuring compassionate and seamless service, truly sets them apart.”

Jatin Gulabani, Director - People Excellence

"Entering our third year with Nova Benefits, their swift claim handling and tailored service have greatly boosted our employee relations and streamlined HR operations, becoming essential in our employee care approach. Big thanks to the team!"

Farooq Adam, Co-founder

“The Snapdeal team has had a great experience with Nova. We've been with them for 2 years consecutively! Apart from insurance, they helped us with vaccination and geriatric care for our employees’ parents”

Kunal Bahl, Co-Founder and CEO

Got questions?
We've got answers

Can I add or remove members after onboarding?

Yes, employees can be added or deleted every month through automated endorsements after the inception of the policy

Can every employee directly raise claim requests through Nova?

Yes, they can log into their Nova account using the details provided to them during onboarding and raise a claim request against their employee insurance.

How can the G-Suite integration help HRs?

With G-Suite integration, new employee data such as name, joining date and email can be automatically fetched from G-Suite to the Nova Benefits platform, streamlining the onboarding process for HRs, and reducing manual data entry errors. This integration helps HRs in keeping the Nova Benefits platform updated with the latest employee information and ensures that the Insurer gets the correct data on time.

What is the response time for customer support at Nova?

Our support team will get back to you with the first response in 5 minutes. Resolution time for a query is up to 48 hours.

How are premiums calculated for additions?

Premiums are calculated on the policy rate, that is the rate at inception, and the calculations are always pro rata.

Do you get refunds for deletion of employee policies?

Deletion refunds are also calculated on a pro-rata basis and the refund amount is either credited to the client's bank account or CD account.

How do I pay for additions and deletions?

We create a Cash Depository (CD) account in the name of your company. In case of deletions, we credit your CD account with the balance. In case of additions, we debit your CD account with the required premium. Additionally you can pay to the insurer directly.

Is it necessary to open a CD Account?

Not necessary but it is always advisable to open one as it helps in emergency inclusions.

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