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About Nova

FAQs around wellness packages, health insurance and other employee benefits.

How exactly does Nova help me?

If you are looking to buy group health insurance, we help you weigh your options and make a better choice. If you’ve already bought one, we have a tool to help you administer and manage your policy. If you are looking to ensure the overall wellness of your team with exclusive add-on benefits apart from health insurance, we have a range of benefits that you can consider.

Does Nova help employees with claims?

Our claims team has experience of handling more than 10,000 claims, and we help our clients with their expertise at no additional cost. With more than 7000 claims successfully processed, we make sure that your employees have the best experience and get the maximum amount approved with our advice.

Why should I trust Nova with my team's insurance and wellness?

Nova is on a mission to make workplaces happier and healthier for everyone. Having successfully covered 1,00,000+ employees from 300+ companies, our aim is to make employee benefits more personalised and easily accessible for companies all across India irrespective of their team size. We plan on doing so by helping organisations find the right benefits at the right price.

Is Nova free?

We are building Nova to be an unbiased source of information when it comes to insurance and other employee wellness benefits. You can book a demo call with us and get customised quotes for any of our offerings for free.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we have an Android and iOS mobile app.

Do you provide health insurance for teams of all sizes?

Yes, we can help you find the right policy for your team no matter how small or big it may be in size. Nova can help find the best quotes customised to cater to your company size.

What do you mean by wellness offerings?

At Nova, we provide benefits that go beyond insurance. Our wellness suite of offerings include unlimited teleconsultations, gym memberships, annual health check-ups, customised engagement sessions and much more!

Group Health Insurance

FAQs around group health insurance for teams of all sizes.

How to save time while making the employee onboarding experience seamless?

You can use an automated onboarding solution with a self-service portal and HRMS integration for a seamless employee onboarding experience. Your employees can update their details, dependent information, check policy coverage, and place claims requests with a tech-based solution like Nova

What is the minimum number of employees for group health insurance?

According to the IRDAI, a minimum of seven employees are required to provide group health insurance.

Is it mandatory to offer group health insurance for a startup in India?

As of 2021, it is essential to offer group health insurance for any company, startup, or organisation working on-site. A startup needs a paperless, frictionless, and hassle-free solution with add-on benefits for employees. That’s where tech-powered group health insurance solutions and platforms come into the picture.

Why should I choose a group insurance plan with additional healthcare benefits?

There are several reasons to choose a plan with add-on benefits. Your employees are bound to be happier when you offer add-on benefits like teleconsultation, employee wellness initiatives, mental health coverage, and maternity benefits. The work culture (and perks) improve the overall employee NPS and makes you a magnet for top industry talent.

What is the cost of group health insurance?

The premium for your team’s group health insurance depends on the team size as well as the type of policy you opt for you. You can get an estimate for the premium using our policy calculator.

Are there any tax benefits for group health insurance?

The premium paid to provide a group insurance policy for employees in India can be deemed as a business expense. The Indian Income Tax Act of 1961 considers this expense to be 100% tax-deductible.

Does Nova offer other benefits except health insurance?

Yes, we do. Nova offers a range of benefits to ensure the overall wellness of your team. This includes full body check-ups, mental wellness support, telehealth services, dental check-ups, discounted medicines and maternity wellness benefits.

Does Nova help employees with claims?

Our claims team has experience in handling more than 10,000 claims, and we help our clients with their expertise at no additional cost. With more than 7000 claims successfully processed, we make sure that your employees have the best experience and get the maximum amount approved with our advice.

Super Top-Up

FAQs around increasing your top up coverage from Nova Benefits.

What is a super top-up?

A plan that covers your medical bills up to the super top-up sum insured provided in the plan above a base amount (deductible) once exhausted. The deductible amount is predetermined by the base policy. A base policy can be either your individual health insurance or your GMC coverage provided by your employer

What is the benefit of purchasing a super top-up?

Once you have exhausted your base coverage amount, the super top-up ensures coverage till the super top-up sum insured amount. It also gives you the benefit of a higher sum insured at a lower premium amount as compared to regular policies

Are there any age limits or restrictions for super top-ups?

Super top-up plans are available for employees below 75 years of age who are already covered under Nova group health insurance. Dependent children should be between 90 days and 24 years of age.

Does a super top-up plan give me any additional tax benefits?

Any premiums paid for super top-up plans are eligible for tax deduction under section 80D for up to 25,000 per year.

Can I buy a super top-up plan to extend coverage to my spouse and parents?

Yes, you can buy a family floater super top-up plan that offers coverage for you, your spouse and 2 children. Your parents (up to 75 years of age) can be covered under separate individual policies.

Under whose name should the super top-up plan be purchased?

The super top-up plan can be bought by an employee already covered under a group health insurance cover by Nova. You can buy the plan under your own name.

What is the process to raise a claim against a super top-up?

You can raise a claim for the super top-up under your policies section on your Nova Portal. If your base policy is not with Nova, you can visit Nova’s portal to claim against the super top up policy only.

What is the specific waiting period for named ailments?

Expenses related to the treatment of the listed conditions and surgeries/treatments shall be excluded until the expiry of 24 months of continuous coverage after the date of inception of the policy. This exclusion shall not be applicable for claims arising due to an accident.

My account in Nova is created using my work email. So when I leave or switch workplaces, how will the transition be done?

We ask for your personal email when you sign up. If you leave the organization, you can contact Nova to make your personal email the primary email for your super top-up policy.

Will any of the benefits of super top-up change when an employee leaves their current workplace keeping in mind that they were under a group insurance policy?

The top-up policy is independent of your base policy provided by your employer. In case, you leave your current workplace, then the deductible amount applicable for the super top-up should come from another health insurance policy that you have or cash.

For example, if your current workplace provides you with a base policy of 5 lakh, then the super top-up policy will have a deductible of 5 lakh. Now if the hospital bill is 15 lakhs, 5 lakh can be claimed from the current workplace base policy and the remaining 10 lakh can be claimed from the super top-up policy. In case, you leave the current workplace, the initial 5 lakh comes from another insurance policy (your new workplace’s base policy or personal health insurance policy) or cash.

Covid Insurance  

FAQs around Nova's Covid Wellness Plan for extensive pandemic coverage.

What is Covid Insurance?

Covid Insurance is an insurance policy that covers the medical expenses incurred by a policyholder for the treatment of Covid-19.

What's the eligibility critera for Group Covid Insurance?

If your company is registered with MCA, and has 7+ employees you can purchase group covid insurance.

How do I file a covid claim?

A positive test report for Covid-19 is mandatory in the event of a claim. Only RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test results will be accepted by the insurers for covid claims.

Will I get coverage for at home covid expenses ?

Home care treatments are covered in case of a premium covid insurance policy

Are covid tests covered by insurance?

Yes, but the extent of the coverage varies from policy to policy and the test needs to be prescribed by a doctor.


FAQs around our unlimited teleconsultation services

What is a teleconsultation?

A teleconsultation is an instant way for doctors and patients to connect over a video call, voice call or text message.

Are the doctors provided through Nova's teleconsultation services qualified?

Yes, they are. Additionally, you can read more about each doctor’s qualifications before booking an appointment with them.

Is there a limit on how many consultations I can book as a user?

The number of consultations that can be booked by you varies depending on your membership plan with Nova. It can be both limited and unlimited.

Will my medical information remain confidential?

Yes, yes and YES! All information given to the doctor during the consultation will remain confidential.

Can we consult the same doctor more than once?

Yes, you can repeat your consultation with a specific doctor as per your requirement.

Mental Wellness

FAQs around our suite of mental wellness offerings

Why should I secure the mental wellness of my team?

While a group health insurance plan provides the necessary financial coverage to your employees in case of an emergency, mental wellness support can help your team get certified help when they find themselves overwhelmed due to work or personal problems. Providing the right kind of mental help to your team can help them lead healthier lives and increase their productivity at work.

What are emotional health check-ins?

Emotional health check-ins are done as a preventive measure to evaluate how a person is doing mentally through a series of questions.

What are emotional support groups?

Emotional support groups are a safe space for you to discuss common emotional challenges with your team.

Are the therapists provided by Nova qualified?

Yes, all therapists and counsellors are qualified.

Will information revealed in personal therapy sessions remain confidential?

All information shared with the therapist in personal sessions will remain confidential.

Is there a limitation to how many personal therapy sessions I can book?

The number of sessions that can be booked by you varies depending on your membership plan with Nova. It can be both limited and unlimited.


FAQs around our wide-range of fitness offerings.

Are the coaches and dieticians provided through Nova's offerings qualified?

Yes, all fitness coaches and dieticians are qualified

Will information regarding my personal health remain confidential?

All information shared with any coach or dietician will remain strictly confidential.

What is Nova's AI fitness bot?

This bot is your fitness companion and will make fitness a habit and workouts more fun for you and your team!

Is there a limitation on the number of fitness sessions I can book?

The number of sessions that can be booked by you varies depending on your membership plan with Nova. It can be both limited and unlimited.

Can I opt for both online and offline gym plans?

Your gym access depends on the services purchased by your company for your team.

Platform for Employees

FAQs around how our portal and app caters to employees.

Does Nova have an app?

Yes, we do! Both for Android and iOS.

How long does it take for queries to be answered?

Our support team will get back to you with the first response in 5 minutes. Resolution time for queries is up to 48 hours.

Is a hard copy of the health insurance card required?

No, all relevant information can be accessed with the help of your health e-card which can be downloaded through the Nova app or portal.

Can employees raise claim requests through the Nova platform?

Yes, claim requests can be raised and even tracked through the Nova portal and app. All information required to raise a claim is also given within the Nova platform.

How can employees access wellness benefits booked through Nova?

All active wellness benefits can be viewed through the Nova portal or app. Detailed information on how to use each benefit is given within the Nova platform to ensure a seamless experience for all employees.

Platform for Employers

FAQs around how our portal and app caters to employers.

Can I add or remove members after onboarding?

Yes, employees can be added or deleted every month through automated endorsements after the inception of the policy

Can every employee directly raise claim requests through Nova?

Yes, they can log into their Nova account using the details provided to them during onboarding and raise a claim request against their employee insurance.

What is the response time for customer support at Nova?

Our support team will get back to you with the first response in 5 minutes. Resolution time for a query is up to 48 hours.

How are premiums calculated for additions?

Premiums are calculated on the policy rate, that is the rate at inception, and the calculations are always pro rata.

Do you get refunds for deletion of employee policies?

Deletion refunds are also calculated on a pro-rata basis and the refund amount is either credited to the client's bank account or CD account.

How do I pay for additions and deletions?

We create a Cash Depository (CD) account in the name of your company. In case of deletions, we credit your CD account with the balance. In case of additions, we debit your CD account with the required premium. Additionally you can pay to the insurer directly.

Is it necessary to open a CD Account?

Not necessary but it is always advisable to open one as it helps in emergency inclusions.

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