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Why buy Group Health Insurance?

Health Insurance should never be an option! With Nova's customised plans, provide the best group health insurance to your employees

Retain employees like a pro

Employees who feel secure and cared for are less likely to leave an organisation.

Pay less, get more

It's cheaper than individual health insurance with advantages such as zero waiting period and coverage for pre-existing diseases.

Become inclusive and flexible

Add parents, spouses, children, LGBTQ partners, even in-laws to the policy. Customise your group health plan to meet employee needs.

Save big on taxes

The premium paid by an employer for group health insurance is 100% tax-deductible under the Income Tax Act of India.

How can we help?

Safeguard your teams' health with group health insurance plans accompanied by top-notch policy recommendations and industry benchmarks from Nova's insurance experts

Superior claims experience

Raise and track claims on the go. Additionally, our dedicated claims concierge is available for you round the clock.

Self-service employee portal

Access all policy details on the employee portal, including inclusions, exclusions, coverage options and top-up options.

Not your regular insurance broker

Our exclusive benefits include unlimited teleconsultations, gym memberships, regular health check-ups, and a lot more!

Seamless onboarding experience

Insure employees in no time with Nova’s automated employee addition and deletion feature via HRMS integrations.

Comprehensive Group Health Insurance Coverage from top insurers


Subscribe to exclusive Wellness Add-Ons

No two companies are alike, so why should their benefits be? Discover a wide range of add-ons that go beyond traditional insurance coverage

Subscriptions to teleconsultations with multi-specialty doctors
Access to mental wellness sessions with certified counsellors
Online and offline annual fitness memberships for all employees

Don't just take our word for it!

"Nova Benefits stands out for their outstanding service, empathy, and dedication, ensuring top-notch employee insurance. Their commitment to individual well-being, evident during my HQ visit, truly stands out. Hats off to their exceptional efforts!"

Bhuvaneshwar Naik, CHRO, Lentra

"Our 2nd year with Nova Benefits has been remarkable due to their quick and efficient claims processing. The exceptional commitment of their team, ensuring compassionate and seamless service, truly sets them apart.”

Jatin Gulabani, Director - People Excellence

"Entering our third year with Nova Benefits, their swift claim handling and tailored service have greatly boosted our employee relations and streamlined HR operations, becoming essential in our employee care approach. Big thanks to the team!"

Farooq Adam, Co-founder

“The Snapdeal team has had a great experience with Nova. We've been with them for 2 years consecutively! Apart from insurance, they helped us with vaccination and geriatric care for our employees’ parents”

Kunal Bahl, Co-Founder and CEO

Got questions?
We've got answers

What is group health insurance?

Group health insurance is a policy that provides coverage to a group of members. Usually, this coverage is taken for employees of a company.

What are the benefits of group health insurance?

Group health insurance is beneficial in several ways for both employees and employers. For employees, group health insurance provides financial coverage, covers pre-existing diseases without a waiting period and helps provide coverage for their families. For employers, group health insurance helps attract and retain top talent, save on taxes, and build a people-first team.

Is it mandatory to offer group health insurance for a startup in India?

As of 2021, it is essential to offer group health insurance for any company, startup, or organisation working on-site. A startup needs a paperless, frictionless, and hassle-free solution with add-on benefits for employees. That’s where tech-powered group health insurance solutions and platforms come into the picture.

Why should I choose a group insurance plan with additional healthcare benefits?

There are several reasons to choose a plan with add-on benefits. Your employees are bound to be happier when you offer add-on benefits like teleconsultation, employee wellness initiatives, mental health coverage, and maternity benefits. The work culture (and perks) improve the overall employee NPS and makes you a magnet for top industry talent.

What is the meaning of a Cash Deposit (CD) account?

Cash Deposit (CD) accounts are created for a company with its insurer for the purpose of insurance-related transactions. It is a non-interest-bearing account, with all the premium payments made by the company being deposited into this account. Maintaining a cd balance in insurance has the advantage of instantly adding employees to the corporate policy by paying the premium out of the CD account.

What is the cost of group health insurance?

The premium for your team’s group health insurance depends on the team size as well as the type of policy you opt for you. You can get an estimate for the premium using our policy calculator.

What are the tax benefits of group health insurance?

The premium paid to provide a group health insurance policy for employees in India can be deemed a business expense. The Indian Income Tax Act of 1961 considers this expense to be 100% tax-deductible.

Does Nova offer other benefits except health insurance?

Yes, we do. Nova offers a range of benefits to ensure the overall wellness of your team. This includes full body check-ups, mental wellness support, telehealth services, dental check-ups, discounted medicines and maternity wellness benefits.

Does Nova help employees with claims?

Our claims team has experience in handling more than 10,000 claims, and we help our clients with their expertise at no additional cost. With more than 7000 claims successfully processed, we make sure that your employees have the best experience and get the maximum amount approved with our advice.

Is it safe to buy group health insurance online?

Yes, as long as you buy the group health insurance plan from a trustworthy insurer. To ensure that you invest in the best group health insurance, it is important to look at different insurers and prices before making your final decision, which is where Nova comes in. Nova Benefits is an IRDAI licensed insurance broker that partners with multiple insurers to get you the best group medical insurance plans.

What is the waiting period for group health insurance?

Waiting period refers to the time period before a selected list of ailments begin to get covered by your policy. Usually, this applies to pre-existing ailments, and some ailments may have a waiting period of a year or two. Nova's group health insurance plans have zero waiting period on all ailments covered under insurance.

How to save time while making the employee onboarding experience seamless?

You can use an automated onboarding solution with a self-service portal and HRMS integration for a seamless employee onboarding experience. Your employees can update their details, dependent information, check policy coverage, and place claims requests with a tech-based solution like Nova

What is the minimum number of employees required for group health insurance in India?

According to the IRDAI, a minimum of seven employees are required to provide group health insurance.

Does group health insurance cover pre-existing diseases?

Pre-existing diseases refer to ailments an individual is diagnosed with before or while buying health insurance. The group health insurance offered by Nova covers pre-existing diseases of employees from day one if any.

How can I avail cashless reimbursement under my group health insurance policy?

Employees can avail cashless benefits under their group health insurance if they have undergone treatment in a network hospital of the insurer and if the treatment is covered under their policy.

How can I renew my group health insurance with Nova?

You can schedule a call with the Nova team, and we’ll help you find the best group health insurance for your team in terms of benefits, price and claims experience.

What is the difference between group health insurance and individual health insurance?

Group health insurance has several advantages over individual health insurance; this includes coverage for pre-existing diseases, no waiting period, coverage for maternity expenses and coverage for parents. Group health insurance is also more cost-effective than individual health insurance as insurers charge lesser premiums due to lower risk of adverse selection.

Can I change my group health insurance policy before its expiration?

Yes, you can change your group health insurance policy by terminating your team’s existing group health policy. However, the refund will depend on the insurance company’s terms and conditions.

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