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Why Do I Need To Get Health Insurance For My Employees When Most Of Them Have A Personal Health Policy Already?

A founder asked me why do I need to get health insurance for my employees when most of them have a personal health policy already?

If you read your personal health insurance policy document, you will be surprised to learn these things

1. All pre-existing diseases may not be covered for up to 4 years. You cannot make a claim on them till then
2. Several common diseases have waiting periods of 1-4 years (like diabetes, hypertension, hernia, piles, gout)

You cannot get a personal health policy which waives these conditions off, or if you do, it is often beyond budget. In a company sponsored health insurance, all diseases are covered from day 1 and the premium is very reasonable.

This is one of the big reasons why company sponsored health insurance is needed over and above personal health insurance taken by employees.

Unfortunately diseases don't wait, nor should your policy! :-)

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