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Hidden Clauses To Be Aware Of When Taking A Group Health Policy

What are the most common 'gotcha' or hidden clauses to be aware of when taking a group health policy?
While there are many, these are the most common that I have come across
1. Low room-rent limits: I came across a company that was going to take a 10L policy with a 3,000 rupees room rent limit. Since room-rent limits impose an upper cap on the amount a medical bill will pay, going for a higher sum-insured becomes point-less. Ensure you have a high room-rent limit
2. Pre-existing diseases are not covered: The biggest advantage of a group health policy is that pre-existing diseases are covered from day one. By not having pre-existing disease coverage, some sellers will offer you a lower price but make sure you're aware of this clause
3. 1-4 year waiting periods on common diseases: Ensure there are no waiting periods on your policy, otherwise a good percentage of potential claims will not be honored because of this clause.

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