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6 Apps Every HR Can Use To Build A Stronger Team During This Pandemic

One of the most crucial functions in any organization is Human Resources. HRs are responsible for the organization's culture, potential growth prospects, and are also the first point of contact for prospective employees interested in learning more about the company's brand value. We can not deny the fact that organizations have been forced to innovate as never before as a result of this ongoing global crisis. Remote working has become the "new normal," and businesses all over the world are seeking guidance on how to respond to these changes while maintaining business continuity and employee productivity.

Even leaders who were earlier reluctant to embrace automation innovations, such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning, have started to use them to cut costs, offer faster service to customers, and restructure their operations for distributed work.

Many HRs, on the other hand, are still trying to discover the right tools they need to manage and strengthen their team efficiently. So without further ado, we would like to tell you more about apps that HR professionals can utilize to ensure smooth interaction and functioning of employees.

1. Microsoft Teams

Via chats, virtual meetings, and facilities for hosting even larger brainstorming sessions, the app keeps ‘teams’ together. It also provides options to record meetings and get auto-generated transcripts, making  it a lot easier to store  meeting related information and share it with other members. By arranging live, immersive training, assisting new hires in connecting with other workers, and making all training tools readily accessible, teams make it easier to onboard employees remotely.

2. Yammer

Any company is an ecosystem with its own set of sub-groups, job descriptions, job titles, tasks, line and cross-line reporting, and so on. In such a world, HRs must ensure that all contact channels are available for workers, allowing for impromptu groupings, and ensuring that everyone in a group is aware of simultaneous updates, among other things.

Yammer enables productive intra-office and inter-office conversations, as well as coordination for stronger personal relationships. Yammer can be extremely beneficial to the HR department during such difficult times since it includes a dashboard with features for monitoring, documenting, and maintaining efficient communication channels as well.

3. Slack

Similar to Yammer, Slack also serves as a great communication tool that can be used by companies to facilitate quick, and easy communication within one place. Slack allows members to build department specific channels, tag each other in said channels and share documents, and information with the team in just a few clicks. Additionally slack has several integrations such as Donut that can be used to build employee engagement while everyone works from the safety of their homes.

4. Zenefits

Human Resources works on both - the procedure-oriented and the emotional and human-oriented ends of the continuum. Processes and formalities-based systems consume a large part of most HRs time, leaving them with no opportunity to form an emotional connect with members.

Zenefits assists in this area by handling all aspects of employee records, hierarchy systems, payroll control, and any other feature that can be automated. This frees up time for HRs to focus on improving employee engagement, relationships, and the organization's overall work culture which has become vital now, keeping in mind how the pandemic is affecting employees' mental and physical well being.

5. Ceridian

HCM software specialist Ceridian allows team members to report their health conditions through their Dayforce Employee Safety Monitoring platform. HRs may use this app to see where and how teams are spread, as well as track employee health. Knowing where workers are situated in the event of a pandemic – whether at home or on the job – is critical for administrators to consider their chances of exposure and to decide who is at risk of infection. HRs may use this  platform to generate reports and draw conclusions based on employees’ self-reported results, and additionally use it to issue specific health and safety recommendations to their teams.

6. Kickidler

When it comes to time management, dealing with multiple groups is especially difficult for HRs. Using a remote time management software can make it a lot more effortless to handle remote teams. Kickidler serves as the next generation of employee monitoring apps, it comes with a powerful collection of resources that can help the team members manage their time at work better. Its services include - time monitoring, employee productivity analysis, performance dynamics, an infinite number of real-time displays, along with the ability to monitor the history of activities on the app. Another recent update enables the app to automatically notify the employees that they have been spending too much time on one specific activity, this lifts the responsibility of constant monitoring from the HRs shoulders since it enables team members to see their productivity statistics and make changes accordingly.

With the help of these work tools and efficient apps, HRs can now make sure that their employees stay productive, safe, and happy!

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