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A Look Into Companies That Used Technology To Reduce Time Spent On Tedious HR Processes

HR practices play an important role in increasing the efficiency of an organization. Various companies use different techniques in order to motivate their employees as well as to build a good working environment for everyone.

In this blog we will explore how top companies used technology to increase efficiency in their organisations and save time on tedious HR processes.


Insurer Aviva undertook these three practices to completely utilize HR Technology, leading to a substantial decrease in the workload of their employees:

1. Implementing robotics for onboarding and off-boarding processes (which are simple, but repetitive and time consuming, and can be subject to human error);

2. Using predictive analytics to develop insights on attrition; and

3. Leveraging on AI and Machine Learning for scenario planning to reskill/upskill employees.

Initially, implementing these practices served as a struggle as employees had to juggle their existing workload along with working with the IT Team to map out processes and conduct trial runs to test and successfully implement the tools. Therefore, in this situation, the conditions got worse before they became better.

How did this programme benefit the company?

After the initial struggle, the new system helped in substantially decreasing the workload of employees, allowing them to focus elsewhere. For example, the employee life cycle team no longer had to send out multiple emails to various parties as part of the off-boarding process, freeing up their time to focus on exit interviews to delve deeper into the reasons why employees are leaving.

By implementing robotics, the company has managed to save nine man days a month across the team. This has created a new capacity that has allowed the team to move away from performing operational tasks to higher value advisory work.


The company undertook three initiatives:

The first was the digitisation and digitalisation of the entire recruitment and onboarding process by implementing and integrating a suite of tools enabling its talent acquisition professionals to manage their relationships with candidates and internal stakeholders. This included the first interaction with a candidate, to an electronic offer acceptance, and automated tasks and content-sharing through a rich media online platform.

The second initiative was the introduction of its HR-based app across APAC called Your Choice app, which allows employees easy access to four components:

  1. A personalised digital rewards statement.
  2. A benefits allowance through the allocation of annual points for employees to spend on fitness, entertainment, food and beverage or daily essentials.
  3. A monetary employee relief fund for employees or their dependents experiencing hardships, and a support line for when life gets tough.
  4. A focus on their health and wellbeing by giving information and support in real-time on employee devices.

The third initiative was an in-house built predictive analytics solution for HR to give greater insight into the organisation’s workforce and help accelerate HR strategies. This interactive online platform provides a truly unique view for HR and supports the core people management processes for leaders to develop the right strategies.


The company noticed a pattern emerging during the recruitment follow up process, with a high number of individuals that completed application forms then failing to engage with the in-house recruitment team despite attempts to reach them via phone and email.

Candidates’ busy lifestyle meant that they were often unable to respond to emails or answer the phone (except at very specific times of the day) and tended to shy away from completing extensive application forms.

The company also realised that there were highly skilled candidates that were experienced in care but unable to translate this onto paper in the form of a CV.

How was this issue resolved?

The solution was a purpose-built recruitment Chatbot built into Facebook Messenger, with questions that will allow the company to screen and engage with candidates instantly. 1.2 billion people use Facebook Messenger, and can access it straight from the mobile phone they keep in their pocket.

This made it the perfect tool to build the new technology upon. When someone clicks on an ad on Facebook, a conversation will immediately open in Messenger, allowing the applicant to be preliminarily qualified and book in a specific time for a call with an Anchor recruiter.

Using the Chatbot, the company initiated automated one-on-one conversations with potential candidates, saving time of both the recruiters and the candidates.

Therefore as seen, companies can save several hours by using technology to make repetitive tasks easier, and less manual.

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