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All You Need To Know About Medical Benefits For Employees In India

In a post-pandemic world, companies no longer view employee benefits as a strategy to attract and retain talent but also as a way to ensure that their employees are taking care of their health.

India has witnessed major improvement when it comes to a variety of benefits offered to employees. Employers are now going beyond traditional perks such as health insurance to also safeguard the financial, emotional, mental and physical health of their employees and their dependents.

An article by WTW revealed that 85% of employers plan to use their employee wellbeing programme as a differentiator in the next three years. Employers across India are looking to include a variety of medical benefits that can help team members focus on their health without worrying about the financial implications.

So, what are the different medical benefits that employers across India are offering?

Here’s an overview of all you need to know about medical benefits for employees in India:

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a type of medical insurance policy for employees or members of a company or organisation. A group health insurance ensures that your team has adequate financial protection against hefty medical bills so that they can focus on improving their health.

Group health insurance can also be extended to people directly or indirectly related to the members insured. For instance, group health insurance for your employees can be extended to their spouses, children, and even parents.

If you’re looking for simple, affordable and customised group health plans for your company we have just the right solution for you, here.

Covid Insurance

Covid-specific insurance provides financial protection to your employees against a variety of medical expenses incurred due to the virus. Your team can save money on doctor-prescribed diagnostic tests and expenses incurred due to hospitalisation or at-home treatment.

You can access group covid coverage at affordable premium rates starting from ₹554 per person (inclusive of GST), depending on your policy and insurer type. Click here to kick-start your team’s pandemic coverage.

Super Top-Ups

Super top-up helps your employees cover their hospital bills when their basic health insurance plan is exhausted. It offers a higher sum insured at an affordable premium, giving your team’s health insurance a boost without breaking their bank. Another major advantage of this medical benefit is that employees can enjoy their super top-up coverage even after they change employers.

You can help your team increase their base health policy coverage to up to  ₹20L extra in just 2 minutes, click here to understand how.


Teleconsultation is an instant way for doctors and patients to connect over a video call, voice call or text message. This means that your employees can easily get in touch with top doctors for any medical advice from the safety of their homes. So, while health insurance covers your team’s medical bills, teleconsultations help them proactively track their healthcare through regular telephonic check-ups.

If you’re looking to unlock unlimited teleconsultations for your employees, we have just the right solution for you! Click here to know more.

Dental & Vision Checkups

Most health insurance plans don’t t cover OPD expenses. With dental and vision checkups, and treatments being one of the most common medical expenses for employees, providing access to free check-ups and discounted treatments can help your team save up on this recurring expense.

We at Nova provide top-notch dental and vision benefits to teams of all sizes. Get in touch with us to know more.

Health Risk Assessments and Annual Health Check-Ups

About 60-70% of lifestyle diseases are preventable through timely assessment and intervention. With regular health risk assessments and annual health check-ups, your team can keep a track of their physical well-being and take necessary corrective measures to prevent the onset of any medical ailments.

Provide your employees with the benefits of annual health check-ups that cover 58 parameters along with detailed regular health risk assessments, click here to get started.

Mental Wellness Support

Employee medical benefits should no longer be limited to physical wellness with about 40% of employees suffering from mental health concerns. Provide your team with the necessary support to deal with mental illnesses with benefits such as free unlimited therapy, emotional support groups, mental wellness workshops and emotional risk assessments.

Click here to begin your journey towards a mentally healthier team.

Healthcare Credit - Line

Approximately 60% of healthcare expenses are incurred by employees from their own pocket with only 40% being catered through insurance. This is why providing a healthcare credit line can help your team manage their health expenses in a better way. This includes pre-approved medical credit that can be used by employees to pay their medical expenses across a time span of 24 months.

Covid Wellness Plan

Help your team fight the pandemic with more than just extensive covid insurance through additional covid wellness benefits. This includes providing quarantine support, conducting vaccination drives and ensuring access to a 24/7 emergency helpline for all employees.

If you are looking for the best covid wellness plan for your team, look no further. You can access all covid benefits one can think of by clicking here.

Disease Management Programs

Disease management programs refer to a variety of plans that help your team fight diseases such as diabetes, kidney infections and heart problems through specially curated medical packages which include consultations with top doctors, physical and mental therapy sessions and access to discounted medicines.

To summarise…

Medical employee benefits in India are no longer limited to health insurance. Employers are now proactively searching for ways to ensure the best possible medical care for their team.

If you’re someone who is looking to build a happier and healthier workspace for your team, Nova's tech-first and all-in-one platform aims at providing the right support to your employees by making all wellness benefits easily accessible.

Unlock superior health and wellness coverage for your team by booking a free consultation with Nova today.

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