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Fun Friday: 5 Games To Engage With A Remote Team

Employees are the lifeblood of any company, and it's important to engage with them as much as possible - even when they're not working out of  the office. By engaging with employees virtually, companies can stay connected and informed with their people, no matter where they are. This can help improve morale and keep employees feeling like they're part of the team, even if they're not in the same room.

It is important for leaders to pause and brainstorm ideas to help employees rejuvenate. Companies often believe that devoting work hours to team socialization is a waste of time. Let us consider a situation. Imagine a book with no spaces. Yes, all the words put together with the aim to make sense and deliver knowledge but without spaces. Will it be of any use? What value can it provide one it? All it can lead to is stress and confusion. Hence, it is important to take breaks. It is important to declutter and detox. It is important to clear your head and reset. We bring to you our top 5 game suggestions to engage with your team today!

Shark Tank India 2.0

Objective: Increased office productivity and creativity

Shark Tank India has received enormous public and media attention. The fan base is diverse, ranging from teenagers to middle-aged people. Why not stage a mini show at your workplace this Friday? Employees will be divided into groups and must pitch their best ideas in front of the panel members, i.e., team leaders. The pitch does not have to be followed by a business plan. It can be as enjoyable as seeking to have a virtual coffee break added to their team schedule. Teams can have as much fun and be as creative as they want.


Objective: Improved communication and teamwork

Codenames is a two-player game in which players try to guess words from a 25-tile grid. Each player controls a team of five spies, each of which is a different color. Players take turns attempting to guess words from their team's spy grid. A point is awarded to a player who correctly guesses a word from their teammate's grid. If a player guesses a word that is not on their team's grid, the opposing team scores a point. When either team guesses all their words correctly, or when one team scores five points, the game is over.

Karaoke Night

Objective: To provide a platform for employees to showcase their skill sets whilst also enabling for a work/life balance.

There is no definitive way to conduct a karaoke session. However, some suggestions for how to conduct a karaoke session include the following:

1. Choose a format for the karaoke session. Is it going to be a group sing-along or will everyone take turns singing solo?

2. Choose the karaoke songs that will be performed. Make sure to include a good mix of popular songs that everyone will recognize as well as some obscure tracks.

3. To maintain continuity, make sure that everyone has a copy of the lyrics to the songs that will be sung.


Objective: Improved morale and curiosity about one another in the workplace.

Looking for something that tickles your brain cells? Kahoot is a quiz-creation and quiz-playing platform. To play, use the Kahoot website or app and create and play quizzes. Each employee can develop a simple 'Get to know me' quiz for others to take. This way, one will gain a better understanding of their coworker.

Community Sessions

Objective: Gain new experiences, meet new people, and connect effectively.

When people get together with no agenda, they often become more involved in their community. The People & Culture team at Nova Benefits believes in hosting many such webinars for their employees so that they can learn from experts in a specific field. This provides the community with a chance to network better and collaborate more productively.

Do let us know which game you would like to host or participate in this Friday! Have a recommendation for our fun Friday games, write to us at [email protected].

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