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Powerful Steps To Build Work Culture And Engagement

“Culture is what motivates and retains talented employees.”

An organization might have fantastic products and great services to offer, however, if their workplace and employee culture are poor, the company is bound to experience more than a few rough bumps.

As per the reports from Gallup's State of the Global Workplace survey, just 15% of employees all over the globe are engaged in their jobs. This indicates that only a handful of employees are emotionally invested in contributing their time, talent, and energy to bringing value to their team and advancing the organization's initiatives.

It is a major problem that most leaders and managers face in today’s workforce.

2021 has been a turbulent and disturbing year so far for companies and their employees alike. But it’s never too late to make some necessary changes. And that is why here are 5 ways that can change your employee culture for the better:

1. Redefining ‘HUMAN’ in HR

Technology has become a greater part of the picture in building an engaged workforce during such hard times. The digital world is evolving at a breakneck pace. Humans, on the other hand, are guided by a desire for compassion, respect, and recognition. In the digital age, emphasizing the "Human" aspect of HR will be critical. The most important aspects of every company today are emotional intelligence and technology. And if you can get them together, you'll be able to do wonders in the business world.

2. Encouraging an open-door policy, regular check-ins, and anonymous reviews in the workplace

A healthy workforce with high employee morale relies heavily on communication. In several organizations, communication is just a one-way stream that only flows downward from management to the team. In such cases, employees rarely feel as though they have a voice. Remember that genuine interaction with your employees can help them to feel comfortable and open up about their issues. Moreover, weekly feedback contributes to quicker course correction and waste reduction. During this ongoing pandemic, the way we interact with our team members might have changed (using virtual media) but its value has not.

3. Supporting Social Outreach Programs

According to several studies, community outreach (delivering resources to local communities) may contribute to happier and satisfied employees. These services help to foster employee trust, link businesses with their communities, and provide opportunities for critical reflection. Community outreach programs can include things like fundraising for oxygen cylinders or setting up vaccination camps for employees and their families.

4. More Prominence To Work-Life Harmony

According to a recent poll, workers of all generations choose work-life balance as the best example of a good community. Work-life balance is not a novel idea, but the need to achieve it has never been greater. During this pandemic, a new shift has been observed which suggests organizations and their workers will have to start thinking in a different way when it comes to the way we work and live. Employee satisfaction and overall company performance are also dependent on work-life balance. People, especially Millennials and Generation Z, certainly expect businesses to value their time and mental health.

5. Workplace Wellness

Almost about 60% of organizations offer wellness programs to workers. But in reality, only 14% of companies have identified the culture of health. “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, - more and more organizations are realizing this in 2021, and are taking up wellness initiatives for their employees, making it a much needed component of good work culture. Additionally, in such uncertain times, HRs can also make use of applications to ensure the mental wellness of their employees such as Headspace, Moodpath, Calm, Journey Meditation, etc.

These principles are not complex but must be prioritized to ensure an organization’s rapid growth. Companies who get their work culture right will see higher financial returns, outperform their rivals, and quickly rise to the top of "best places to work" rankings. Additionally, initiatives such as hosting fun Friday game nights can help increase engagement through different team-building activities.

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