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Nova Benefits Moved To Tears

After receiving a tear-jerking letter penned by the renowned delicacy, Soan Papdi

Bengaluru, Karnataka: The Nova Benefits HQ located in Koramangala received a shocking letter on the morning of 5th October, leaving all employees of the insurtech organisation befuddled. 

According to sources, the letter was in response to the company’s ongoing Diwali gifting campaign #SayNoToBoringGifts.

Luckily we were able to get our hands on the actual draft. Here’s what the sender had to say to the Nova folks trying to spread some Diwali cheer:

To folks at Nova,

My name is Soan Papdi, and I am not a meme.

Six years ago, someone started a joke about how people keep passing me on from home to home during Diwali. I suspect malai barfi & her gang of roundels were behind this. Little did I know that my innocent ignorance would turn into a self-baked disaster. 

Do the block of yellow threads you once cherished mean nothing to you now? The worst part is - it’s not just me, your actions affect the merriment and livelihood of numerous innocent flour bags, ghee tins, and dry fruit packets. 

As I listen to
'Chini mereya' for the 735th time on loop, condolences are piling up even from the western sweet fraternity led by brownie sarkar and pastry memsahib. 

I am shook right to my ghee-filled core! It started as a friendly meme. But what's so funny about it, even after all these years?

It’s not just you. Anyone who cracks one more Soan Papdi joke will hear from me.

And my approach won't be sweet this time!

Anyway, wish your low-calorie, diet-friendly snacks a Happy Diwali from me. Hope you still get fat :)


Your long-lost companion,

Soan Papdi

Commenting on this sudden outburst from Soan Papdi, an official spokesperson said, “We are taken by surprise! A few of us are still wiping tears as we write this. Dear Soan Papdi, forgive us for we have sinned. Our actions were out of naivety and not intentional. Hope you can find it in you to forgive our tongues and make our celebrations great again.

Nova Benefits is yet to release an official response to Soan Papdi. As we wait for their response, here's more information on the company that pushed Soan Papdi to the edge.

Published on 7th October 2022

Authored by Nandini Jain and Akshad Tambekar

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