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How Wingify Ensured The Best Healthcare and Wellness Partnership For Its People

When a company — that has established a whole Foundation as a CSR arm to give back to society — wanted the best health and wellness package for its team members, Nova Benefits was delighted to partner with a people-first champion like Wingify

Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, HRs and business leaders have been revamping their current HR processes and expediting their digitisation process in search of innovative people, employee management and tech-first solutions.

So, how does a company that thinks so much about giving back to the society, build a healthier and happier home for its own people?

Wingify: The ethos behind the tech

Anil Chopra, Chairperson, Wingify, believes that if “modern technologies are uniquely positioned to give back to society then why can’t a tech company venture into solving problems?”

Wingify Software Private Limited established Wingify Foundation in the year 2016 as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm with the aim to give back to society.

The challenge

Research shows that HRs take an average of 10 hours to onboard every new hire and process their paperwork. This demands more integrated and user-friendly solutions to save an HR manager’s time.

As a fast-growing Indian software company, Wingify was exploring tech-first solutions to empower HR to do more. Existing solutions meant working with multiple apps, multiple documents and multiple excel sheets. Team Wingify also wanted to create an extraordinary health and wellness experience for its team.

All they needed was a one-stop portal to everything HR.

The solution

Wingify partnered with Nova Benefits, a platform that fits their employee health and wellness needs, perfectly.

The partnership aims to provide tech-first solutions for employers, 24*7 support for claims, and a customised mental wellness package, enabling both employees and HRs to enjoy their #peoplefirst benefits seamlessly.

Ensuring a People First experience for Wingify:

  1. Hassle-free HRMS integrations

It’s time to say bye-bye to multiple apps. The team at Wingify can now perform manual, complicated tasks stress-free. With automated employee addition and deletion processes through HRMS integration, we make life at Wingify a little less complicated. Wingify’s People & Culture team is putting an end to manual errors and improving productivity by 50%. Monthly Endorsements are just a matter of a few clicks, now along with auto reminders!

  1. 24*7 support for claims

To provide customised yet efficient benefits to the employees at Wingify, Nova Benefits has focused on its strengths of People and Technology.

People at Wingify now get one-click access to their e-cards. A dedicated support team is available 24*7, to help with —

  • Various Policy terms and Conditions.
  • Reimbursement procedures and cashless requirements.
  • Claim processing procedures and requirements.

The employee dashboard also enables easy downloads of e-cards and claims filing in under 5 minutes.

  1. Personalised Mental Wellness Suite

You don’t have to take our word for it, here’s what Wingify’s HR team has to say:

”Nova’s mental wellness suite stands out!”

If you care for your employees, they’ll care for you. Your employees deserve to thrive—professionally, personally, and mentally—to reduce burnout. We provided customised wellness plans for Wingify’s employees to help them deal with stress and excel in the workplace. Wingify’s personalised wellness suite gives employees access to:

  • One-on-one emotional risk assessment
  • Group health report analysis on emotional wellness
  • Therapy session
  • Counselling session
  • Support groups
  • Wellness ambassador and championship programs

How can you build a #peoplefirst culture with Nova Benefits?

We enable companies with a superior claims experience, HR workflow, self-serve employee portal, health benefits, and wellness add-ons.

350+ companies, including Clear, Teachmint, LivSpace, MyGate, Snapdeal, Innoviti, HomeLane, and Rupeek, have partnered with Nova for their employee wellness journey.

Why? Because we go beyond traditional practices to safeguard your team.

Here’s what your group health insurance policy would look like with Nova Benefits compared to traditional brokers.

With Nova Benefits With most other Brokers
Mobile App   From viewing policy documents, access to e-cards, starting & tracking claims, live chat support & more, our mobile app makes the insurance experience delightful No App. Usually involves multiple follow-ups and IVR conversations with no resolution in place
Real-time claims tracking Tech-first, real-time claims tracking. In fact, according to Sagar from Apna, our claims experience is ‘Just Perfect!’ No digital claims tracking. Even the smallest update comes after multiple calls
CD statement visibility at all times   Admins can log in to the portal to stay on top of CD Balance. We even send alerts when it is low On request
24*7 support Emergencies don’t follow a schedule. We have live chat support & a 24*7 helpline. Our first response time is <5mins Not available
Automated Endorsements with seamless HRMS Integrations - Our automated endorsement feature improves productivity by 50% and ends all risks of manual errors - The tool integrates seamlessly with Gsuite, Keka, Darwinbox, GreytHR, and Razorpay No automation. Endorsements are time-consuming and cumbersome
Superb add-ons Voluntary super top-ups up to 1 crore, GMC top-ups, and customisations, experience superior options for all It cannot be purchased digitally via an app
Wellness Suite Our exquisite wellness suite offers the best mental, physical, emotional, and financial benefits    Not available

Discover the power of putting people first by partnering with Nova for the best group health insurance and employee wellness benefits out there.

Schedule a call today.

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