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How to Measure the Impact of a Corporate Employee Wellness Program?

You’re doing your best to ensure your employees have a good experience at work, but how can you measure it effectively?

Corporate employee well-being solutions have one objective — to support employees in their well-being journey. The best employers seek employee wellness programs and services from this shared school of thought to enable a holistic well-being experience for their employees - at work and beyond.

Employee wellness programs have become essential and a need of the hour - especially post the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by funding winter and lay-off season. These wellness programs are known to have remarkably improved different companies’ productivity. The corporate employee wellness programs should ideally consider a 360-degree comprehensive wellness suite that includes physical, mental, financial, and social wellness. 

The stressful working demanding schedule has made these employees prone to chronic illnesses. According to the research conducted by ASSOCHAM, about 72 per cent of employees are susceptible to cardiovascular disease in India. But corporate employee wellness programs have proved to be an efficient solution.

But how do employers measure the effectiveness of their employee wellness programs? Here are some of the ways to track how much improvement wellness programs can have on a workspace:

Employee Participation

A high number of employees participating is one of the first signs that a corporate employee wellness program is a huge success. Corporate employee wellness programs are made to be exciting and feel-good affairs. Once employee participation is poor, this is a sign that your employees are not aligned with your employee wellness program. Maybe they lack interest in the initiative or feel disconnected. 

The Health of the Employee

If the corporate employee wellness program is a huge success, your employees will always aim for healthier lives. The medical costs and the numbers of absenteeism in your company are measurable indications of healthy employees. To measure the wellness program’s success, you need to monitor the healthcare expenses and the numbers of absenteeism over a comprehensive period. Once your corporate employee wellness program works, the healthcare costs and absenteeism rate will decrease.

Employee Morale

The morale of your employee can be hard to gauge. Anonymous surveys are only one-way companies can solicit employee feedback; however, getting precise answers and extensive participation in employee surveys can be challenging in agencies where employee morale is low. Most often, external consultants can draw better-detailed replies from employees.

Induce Wellness as a Culture

An effective employee wellness program will set the groundwork for a culture of wellness. A good culture of health at the office is a massive sign that the employee wellness program is on the right track. For instance, in an organisation with a culture of well-being, owners of the business must notify employees to engage in healthy behaviour, like drinking more water, starting a walking club or organising healthy potlucks, and moving more.

Boost Employee Education on Well-being

One of the main objectives of a corporate employee wellness program is to help employees educate on their health conditions and high-risk well-being behaviours and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Enhanced knowledge and awareness of healthy habits can be witnessed as a massive success of an efficient program.

Once the employees make modifications in their way of life, like practising self-care, getting lots of sleep, and eating healthy food, the corporate wellness program has positively affected employees’ lives. 

Employee Retention

The retention of the employee is one of the good examples of a happy and healthy employee. Employees who decide to stay at an organisation for a very long time are basically regarded as happy in their professional lives. Monitoring the retention of the employee needs a lot of long-term record keeping.

The employee count of the organisation must be recorded before the initiation of the corporate employee wellness program to accurately use the retention of employees as a success metric. 

Wellness Tracking App Integration at Workplace

Integrating an anonymous well-being tracker at work can also bear excellent results. Daily tracking will help you analyse how specific programs affect the mood and wellness of the employee. Some metrics to be recorded can be usual mood, hours of sleep, stress at work, and motivation at work. 

While all of these are great metrics, we believe that HRs and People & Culture teams should be able to enable seamless Employee Wellness Programs and track them effectively with no administrative overhead. That’s where we come in. Get in touch with our team today to access best-in-class insurance plans and comprehensive wellness programs.

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