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Signs Of Social Media Burnout And How To Deal With Them – Proven Tips From A Fellow Marketer

Proven tips to avoid or rebound from social media burnout 

Every element of our daily lives is profoundly impacted by social media. It makes life more convenient, but it also causes us a great deal of trouble. Social media, for instance, can offer networking opportunities and access to professional information, but it also demands users' time and attention, which could interfere with daily routines and toss off psychological balance.

Self-care advice sounds a little different to social media professionals. How do you disengage from social media when staying online is your job? How can you incorporate a "digital detox" into your daily schedule? 

What is Social Media Burnout?

Firstly, it's crucial that you understand burnout and know how to spot the symptoms. After all, how can burnout be prevented if you are unsure what it is? 

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion caused by persistent and frequent stress. Burnout rates are at an all-time high. Regular burnout from the workplace is only worsened when someone uses social media for an excessive amount of time. It is a real issue that can seriously harm your mental and physical health. 

Common signs of Burnout

With tight deadlines, long to-do lists, and hours spent on social media, it's easy to get overwhelmed, anxious, and fatigued.

But how do you know if what you're going through is burnout?

Common indications of burnout to watch out for:

  1. Having a quick temper and being easily angry
  2. A lack of motivation to complete your chores
  3. Sleep deprivation, waking up exhausted, and sensations of heaviness
  4. Feeling more exhausted, cynical, and emotionally worn down than usual
  5. Physical exhaustion, such as headaches, stomach problems, and a weakened immune system
  6. Having trouble focusing or paying attention, which results in ongoing stress
  7. Neglecting your own needs and resorting to bad coping mechanisms

Five Ways to Prevent Burnout

Social media burnout will manifest differently for each person, but there are some universal strategies for overcoming it and replenishing your mental energy.


Take the time to completely unplug from screens, whether it's for a 10-minute break throughout the day, an hour after work, or the entire weekend.

Set Boundaries and Say No

It might be difficult to say no, especially if you have a tendency to please others.It might be time to think about setting boundaries if you struggle with always saying yes to avoid disappointment on the other end. Assess your current tasks to determine what is high priority and what is low priority. If your to-do list is overflowing, concentrate on the high-priority tasks first.

Take a Break

Take time off and truly unplug to avoid burnout, which is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Time away from work will improve your work-life balance and help you enjoy life more.

Create a Rich Life Outside of Work

Leaving work at work can seem tough when you work with or on social media. It's critical to switch off everything, whether it's Slack notifications or social media updates.

A hobby, a sport, volunteer work, or any extracurricular activity could be very beneficial. Find a rewarding activity for yourself. 

Connect and seek assistance

Asking for assistance does not indicate failure. You are not alone in how you feel; 76% of workers report feeling burnt out at work at least occasionally.

Discussing burnout with close ones can be a wonderful support system. You can learn to recognise burnout as a process and not a sign of personal failure with the aid of your friends, family, and coworkers.

Know someone who is suffering from burnout? If you’re a people manager who wishes to book a wellness session for their team on dealing with burnout, especially when it is caused within the workplace, you can schedule a call with a Nova Benefits representative. 

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