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How Nova Benefits Curated The Best Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Plan For Khatabook

From creating exceptional ad campaigns spotlighting the unseen side of MS Dhoni to empowering small businesses nationwide with its innovative solutions, Khatabook needs no introduction! So, when the company wanted to write its next people-first chapter, we were happy to step in.

As a positive step toward creating a progressive all-inclusive culture, Khatabook has partnered with Nova Benefits to provide holistic healthcare to all its employees. The new partnership enables them to access a wider range of Group Health Insurance benefits and enables improved awareness and utilisation of employee wellness benefits. With a more inclusive policy, Khatabook employees can now enrol their LGBTQ partner or live-in partner as a dependent. The policy also prioritises women-focused coverage for Infertility and IVF treatment coverage, along with egg freezing, under Maternity Care and Benefits.

The challenge

Khatabook is a free, easy-to-use Fintech app for small, medium businesses and shop owners to manage their business and finance. They empower MSMEs with a digital-first approach to help them increase efficiency and profitability and reduce cost of running a business. With a thriving business and growing employee base, Khatabook needed solutions for

  1. Creating an inclusive policy that works towards catering to the healthcare needs of every employee
  2. Giving employees an easy-to-access insurance policy, visibility of the coverage, and ease of communication

The solution

A partnership that guarantees a strategic shift for Khatabook to create a holistic and inclusive culture.

1. Coverage that insures the best

We curated a policy that helped Khatabook build an inclusive and diverse workplace. Some of the progressive benefits include

  1. Option for every employee to enrol LGBTQ partner, live-in partner, or any other immediate family member as a dependent of the insurance plan.
  2. The same-sex coverage option is extremely flexible and gender-neutral. Couples in long-term relationships or live-in partnerships are also eligible to be registered as dependants.
  3. Access to unlimited teleconsultations across 20+ specialities with 1,00,000+ doctors.
  4. Maternity coverage for Normal & C-section delivery.
  5. Infertility, IVF treatment, and egg freezing coverage.
  6. OPD benefits for every employee, discounts on doctor consultations, diagnostic tests and medicines.
  7. Coverage for cataract expenses, ambulance charges and daycare procedures.

Nova Benefits also ensures Khatabook employees benefit from

  1. Access to a larger network of hospitals
  2. Better discounts on medicines and doctor fee
  3. Faster claims processing
  4. Dedicated servicing on claims and other insurance requests

2. Tech-first solutions to improve HR productivity and efficiency

Our all-in-one mobile app and the multiple tech-first solutions are the perfect tools for all Khatabook’s needs. Employees get easy access to

View policy terms for a better understanding

We made using insurance easier through a detailed understanding of policy inclusions and exclusions and information on network hospitals for a seamless claims experience.

Raise a claim request within 5 minutes

Employees can raise both cashless and reimbursement claim requests in just a few clicks

Access round-the-clock support

Got questions? We ensure that all the questions are answered instantly. Our team is available 24/7

Unlock wellness benefits

The Nova Benefits app even gives the employees a peak into the upcoming wellness sessions that are curated exclusively for Nova’s clientele

Seamless endorsements: Nova Benefits X Workline HRMS

Employees are directly invited to use Nova’s self-serve app—which is compatible with iOS and Android—to access their employee benefits. HRs and Admins can directly fetch existing employee data from the Workline HRMS portal.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, the Nova app has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of employees, HRs and admins, especially during medical emergencies and immediate claims processing.

Here’s a guide to help you understand how Nova made insurance benefits accessible for Khatabook’s employees:

Why the Khatabook and Nova Benefits partnership works

Inclusion and accessibility are the catchphrases when we think about Khatabook’s new policy. While our mobile application gives the employee access to policy documents, 24*7 support and a hassle-free claims experience, the policy is progressive in nature.

“We have set up the diversity and inclusion roadmap for Khatabook with the clear objectives and actions aligned to the organisational scale-up plan. I believe achieving a truly diverse and inclusive environment that translates into a healthy and high-performing work culture needs the foundation of strong policies which are progressive, non-discriminatory, and provide a lot of freedom and choices to the employees. Our people practices will always focus on what’s best for all and not just a few employees.”
Ravish Naresh, CEO and Co-founder, Khatabook

If employees are not aware of the plethora of benefits they can access, they are no more sentences on white paper. Our proactive communication for improved awareness and better utilisation of benefits at each stage of employee onboarding, claims, and around bi-monthly wellness sessions ensure employees always enjoy maximum benefits.

Our onboarding experience replicates the ease of checking into a hotel

Our welcome email introduces employees to Nova and their upgraded health insurance policy. This is followed by activation emails and a step-by-step guide to access the Nova portal and app. Employees can view the status of their health insurance e-card on the app and download it once available.

How can you build a #peoplefirst culture with Nova?

We enable companies with a superior claims experience, HR workflow, self-serve employee portal, health benefits, and wellness add-ons.

300+ companies, including Khatabook, Pharmeasy, MyGate, Snapdeal, CoinDCX, HomeLane, and Rupeek, have partnered with Nova for their employee wellness journey.

Why? Because we go beyond traditional practices to safeguard your team.

Here’s what your group health insurance policy would look like with Nova Benefits compared to traditional brokers.

Discover the power of putting people first by partnering with Nova for the best group health insurance and employee wellness benefits out there.

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