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Faster & Better Employee Onboarding With Nova's Enhanced HR Dashboard

Human Resource teams can end productivity loss and enjoy essential time-saving benefits like automated data collection with Nova’s new and improved employee enrolment feature

Nova Benefits processes vast volumes of claims and endorsement data daily. For a little over a year, our partner HRs have shared a monthly excel sheet with updates regarding employees and their families. From a data collection point of view, this process involved multiple layers with an increased probability of human errors.

As you may already know, here’s what every insurance broker mandatorily needs in order to register a particular employee (prospective policyholder) under a subscribed Group Health Insurance plan –

  1. Employee Name
  2. Employee ID
  3. Email ID
  4. Joining Date
  5. Date of birth
  6. Details regarding Dependants

The challenge?

For any HR manager, it is time-consuming to communicate with employees while collating and presenting all of the above to the insurance broker.

“We spoke to multiple HRs regarding their data collection experience and learnt that it takes a lot of time for an HR to collect the data from their employees and then compile all of it in an excel format to share with us. Multiple layers in the process also increase the probability of mistakes, which in the long run can affect the overall claims process,” explains Ankit Agrawal, Product Manager, Nova Benefits.
“We decided to focus on time-saving solutions for HRs, along with key integrations. We asked – what’s the bare minimum an HR needs to do to onboard employees? And then, we created an automated, flexible, invite-based system to simplify the HRs job. This endorsement feature also seamlessly integrates with G-Suite and HRMS platforms,” Agrawal says.

Launching a complete workflow solution

In May ‘22, a flexible system that lets HRs invite employees – both individually and in bulk – was launched. The new and improved endorsement feature drastically cuts HR workload by upto 50% – enabling employees to directly register and add their personal details, along with information and updates regarding their dependants. For the employee, this results in greater clarity, more satisfaction, reduced anxiety, and a realisation that their healthcare needs have been secured by their company.

You don’t have to take our word for it!

Having experienced Nova’s automated dashboard first-hand, Khushboo Aggarwal, Founder, Zyla Health, says, "Nova has made my life so much easier with their endorsement automation product!"

Resolving HR pain points

Saves time and effort: The Nova portal makes data entry and management a one-invite job! Even if an HR manager only has an employee’s email ID, all pending data update regarding an employee and their dependents can be entered by an employee. The G-Suite and HRMS integrations also reduce the chance of missing out on an employee, which can later result in a very poor and lengthy claims experience.

Registers error-free information: Like Chinese whispers, going back and forth with data may lead to typos, misinformation or wrongful collation due to missing data. With the self-upload feature, the probability of committing mistakes is lowered drastically as employees fill in their information themselves. A robust validation engine further ensures that correct data is entered by employees.

Enrolment tracking: Using our improved tracking features, HRs can manage the entire employee enrolment process in just a few clicks. From data collection and verification to benefit activation and e-card generation, everything can be tracked and managed by the HR team at all times. Employee and dependent data is automatically collected in a single place and can be seamlessly reviewed, edited, confirmed, downloaded, and updated at any given point in time.

Employees can start a claim from Day 1:  With Nova’s faster onboarding process, your people no longer have to wait to be added to the company’s Group Health Insurance policy.

Reduced TAT for employee onboarding: Automated e-mail follow-ups can be sent directly from the portal to employees who may have not uploaded data correctly. Reminders to complete uploading information can also be sent out in just one click.

100% transparency: Enjoy complete transparency regarding data exchange right from the employee data collection stage to e-card allotment with Admin access on the Nova Portal.

Coming Up…

Robust reminder engines: In everything we do as a tech-first company, we aim to build a zero-effort experience for all human resource teams. This includes making sure data collection becomes a more seamless and quicker affair with WhatsApp Integration, among other reminder-focused features. We’ll shortly be able to onboard employees directly through WhatsApp, leading to swifter data collection, tracking and monitoring. All this, without any intervention from the HR team.

Live premium estimates: As a policyholder, you will soon be able to track and seek recommendations on your premium estimates, Cash Deposit (CD) Balance, CD Account History from Day 1.

We love life updates! Newlywed employees will be able to update details regarding their spouse or in-laws, right from their wedding date, and in one click. Likewise for new parents registering their children.

If you’re a Human Resource Manager or a Founder looking to transform your employee healthcare experience, schedule a free demo session with us and explore our automated onboarding process.

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