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How Nova Benefits and ICICI Lombard Transformed Claims Processing with Real-Time Digital Innovation

The collaboration between Nova Benefits and ICICI Lombard represents a significant leap forward in the insurance industry, transforming the landscape of claims processing with a focus on digital innovation, customer service, and real-time updates.

Babita Singh, Business SPOC at ICICI Lombard, encapsulates the essence of this initiative: “At ICICI Lombard, leading the way with Nova Benefits, we’re pushing the envelope on what digital innovation and customer service can look like in insurance. This case study shines a light on how we’re making insurance simpler, more transparent, and more efficient for everyone involved. It’s about showing our commitment to excellence and putting our customers first in everything we do, setting new standards in the industry as we go.”

Problem Statement

The insurance sector has traditionally been bogged down by cumbersome paperwork, slow response times, and a general lack of transparency in claims processing. This not only led to delays but also fostered frustration and uncertainty among users. The question was straightforward yet complex: How could the claims submission process be streamlined to improve accuracy and offer real-time updates to users?

Why We Decided to Solve It

Driven by a commitment to innovation, Nova Benefits identified the inefficiencies in the traditional claims processing model as a significant barrier to providing a seamless, user-friendly experience. Recognising the potential for transformation, Nova Benefits forged a strategic collaboration with ICICI Lombard. This partnership aimed to leverage state-of-the-art technology to redefine the claims processing journey, focusing on simplification and enhancing the user experience.


This groundbreaking collaboration has yielded remarkable results in claims processing efficiency and tech-driven service improvements:

  • Instant Claims Submission: The Nova Team can now instantly submit claims to the TPA, providing claimants with an intimation number for tracking. This advancement has eliminated the need for cumbersome, multi-step processes and extensive paperwork, marking a new era of user-friendly and efficient submissions.
  • Expert Claim Review: A dedicated team of claims experts at Nova Benefits ensures the accuracy and precision of every submission, significantly reducing errors and ensuring fair compensation.
  • Secure Data Transfer: Advanced API integration ensures the secure transmission of claims to the Third-Party Administrator (TPA), underscoring the critical importance of data security and process efficiency.
  • Real-time Updates: Claimants receive timely status updates via WhatsApp and Email, replacing uncertainty with transparency and providing peace of mind through constant communication.

Yash Gupta, Co-founder & CTO of Nova Benefits, highlights the impact of this integration: "In the past, we needed more than half an hour to upload all the documents manually. Using this integration, we’re able to make instant uploads. Through instant uploads, the claimant can see their real-time claim status. Finally, we’ve replaced 30 minutes with few seconds."

Shrikant Sharma, Tech Support at ICICI Lombard, adds: "Our collaboration with Nova Benefits has revolutionised the claims processing landscape. The submission integration ensures a seamless experience for claimants, and our real-time status sync integration, which proactively communicates updates via WhatsApp and email, enhances transparency and convenience. We are proud to be a part of this technological advancement."

Priyanka Khanna, Tech Lead at ICICI Lombard, reflects on the future: “Looking ahead, we are excited about the possibilities this partnership with Nova Benefits opens up for future innovations. This is just the beginning. We are committed to exploring new ways to leverage technology to further simplify the insurance process and deliver even more value to our customers. We aim to set new standards in the industry for efficiency, transparency, and user satisfaction.”


The partnership between Nova Benefits and ICICI Lombard has not only revolutionised insurance claims processing but also set new benchmarks for the industry. The collaboration's focus on efficient, user-centric claims handling underscores a shared dedication to innovation and superior user experience. Key achievements, including streamlined submissions, precision handling, secure integrations, and instant updates, mark their progress as technology-focused leaders in insurance. ICICI Lombard's API network has been instrumental in enhancing the submission process, offering claimants instant updates on their claims, thus fostering an environment of transparency and ease of use.

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