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How no-code master and two-time founder Mayank Nagpal is ensuring a healthier and happier workspace for his team

We sat down with no-code wizard and Founder and CEO of Epyc, Mayank Nagpal, to understand his journey from starting a design community to building a no-code startup studio. And here’s what he had to say:

  1. What makes Epyc a cut above the rest?

Our team projects are always driven with a high focus on design. Every product should be designed in a way that is usable and our main aim has always been delivering quality over quantity. At Epyc, we believe in promising less and delivering more. All our employees value their craft and work hard to deliver products that are top-level.

  1. From starting a design community to building a no-code startup studio – What is the one Epyc advice, you’d like to give to anybody venturing into the no-code world?

My number one advice would be to focus on the fundamentals first. Gain a basic understanding on websites, domain, and html before exploring tools for no-code. The primary focus should be on building things. The best way of doing that is by taking a problem and building the solution using no-code. In terms of which no-code tool to pick up, start by learning any one popular tool such as Bubble, Webflow or Zapier.

  1. With the concept of no-code sites and apps still growing in India, what’s your pitch to tech-first organisations that are hesitant to opt for the no-code way?

The number one thing that is advantageous for no-code in the tech industry is speed. A few years back product was one of the few differentiators for tech-based companies with very few resources and shortage of money but now that there are more resources in the market, products can be made quicker with no-code tools which can help companies deliver faster. Apart from that there is also a shortage of developers, hence, no-code helps solve for both time and lack of developers.

  1. You’ve actively spoken about the advantages of working remotely. Do you feel all organisations should offer remote working as an option to their employees?

In my opinion, not all companies should practice remote working. Although it is a good option for both employers and employees, working remotely can get lonely and affect productivty when daily sync is required. The mode of working also depends on the type of company - IT companies can work remotely without much hassle but in an industry like healthcare which requires building  trust, one cannot adopt a remote mode of working. Such companies can choose a hybrid model to suit both the company and their employees’ needs.

  1. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while building a people-first culture?

Hiring the right people who believe that we need to build a people-first culture, especially hiring leaders who believe in building a culture that is people-first! A lot of agencies in the country have a toxic culture that focuses on customer-first rather than people-first which causes problems since training these people to adapt to a new atmosphere that focuses both on the needs of employees and clients can be difficult. Building a people-first culture is easy but finding people who are willing to build such a culture can be hard.

  1. As Epyc continues to spread its no-code magic, what are some practices that make you go “We’ve got you covered, literally!”

Caring about people! You want your people to grow in multiple areas including skills, finance and leadership. One thing that we have begun in Epyc is being honest with our employees that are growing faster than the company itself. We encourage them to look for adventures and projects that might help them continue to grow at a rapid pace. Secondly, we promote employees to take up side projects - every second person at Epyc is working on a side project or on building something of their own. Thirdly, we have unlimited access to learning materials, we connect our employees to experts or pay for courses and conferences that can help them upskill based on a set budget. Over the course of two years, we have purchased 40-50 courses our team. As an added measure our leaders connect with the team often so that employees feel valued.

About Mayank Nagpal:

Mayank is a two-time founder who believes in the power of communities, networking, empathy, remote work, no-code, and master Yoda. He loves design,no-code, entrepreneurs, honesty, innovation & star wars.

About Epyc:

India's premier No-Code Startup Studio working with customers that include LetsVenture, Stoa School, Jupiter Money, Amazon, SeedtoScale, IISc Bangalore, Growth School, Nova Benefits, IISc Bangalore and many more.

EPYC is a full-service creative studio bringing human-centric digital experiences to life, without code.

If you’re a founder looking to build a #peoplefirst culture just like Mayank, check out these holistic employee wellness and insurance benefits that can help you build a healthier and happier workspace

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