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Why Easy-To-Read Policy Summaries Improve Employee Awareness Of Their Health Insurance Benefits

When we were doing user research, we came across an employee who paid 30,000 for a medical procedure out of his pocket. He was unaware it was covered under his company’s health policy

Like most people, he knew health insurance in India covers only in-patient hospitalization or procedures which require to be in a hospital for more than 24 hours.
Thinking this, he thought his kidney stones treatment (Lithotripsy) which required a one hour visit to the hospital will not be covered and did not file for reimbursement.

He was unaware that health insurance also covers a separate category of 150+ procedures known as day care procedures which do not require hospitalization. These include lithotripsy, cataract, colonoscopy, appendectomy, parenteral chemotherapy and many others.

While its important for companies to take insurance, its also important that employees understand the benefits. Nobody has the time to read 50 page documents filled with legal jargon. Human readable summaries of policy documents are needed to overcome this.

We're hoping to be part of the solution!

Originally posted here on Linkedin

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