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New and Improved Nova Benefits Portal and App

At Nova Benefits, we believe employee wellness is a top priority for thriving organisations. We understand that offering comprehensive wellness benefits and insurance coverage is just one part of the equation. In order to create maximum impact, they need to be easily accessible and visible to employees.

That's why our product team has been working tirelessly to enhance our web portal and app. Thanks to these efforts, the wellness benefits and insurance benefits of our client companies are now more visible to their employees, ensuring that they are fully aware of the benefits they are entitled to. This is something HR teams deeply care about, as they want their employees to feel valued and supported.

Quick Insurance Card Access

Nova Benefits has always had a digitised insurance card (or e-cards) as part of your Mediclaim insurance. E-cards are often required at times of great need like at the hospital to make a cashless claim or when filing a reimbursement claim at your home or workplace. Both are critical moments where one cannot afford to waste any time finding the card. However, by listening to our customers we’ve learnt that it has not been the easiest to find feature. It is certainly one of the most utilised features of our app and portal. Through many customer interviews and user research we’ve learnt that it needed to be made more accessible.

We’ve poured ourselves into this challenge and brought you Quick Actions. Quick Actions get you what you need in the fastest way possible. It just takes one tap/click to get it. “Download E-card” is one of the quick actions always visible to you (if your company has availed group mediclaim insurance from Nova Benefits) on the app or portal. Just one tap and you have your and your dependent’s e-cards with you ready to show to the hospital cash counter or for you to refer to when filing a reimbursement claim.

More Visible and Simple Benefits Layout

Wellness benefits come in many shapes and sizes, and different organisations choose to provide different wellness benefits. We’ve got consistent requests from various people and culture teams around needing more assistance to ensure higher utilisation of the benefits by the employees.

We’ve made wellness benefits extremely simple to consume at a quick glance. We’ve broken a typically long list of wellness benefits into three major categories, visible to you based on your organisation’s wellness benefits choices.

  • Free by Your Organisation → All wellness benefits are made free to you because they’re paid for and provided by your organisation with help from Nova Benefits. These are the most frequently used and high-impact wellness benefits in your organisation.
  • Offers by Nova Benefits → These benefits are a set of either free or heavily discounted wellness offers made exclusively available to you. Wellness offers here come in at a much cheaper rate as Nova Benefits has worked hard with various vendors to provide these at a reduced rate than what’s available in retail. For example, annual health checkups with an X parameter test by Orange Health or a completely free consultation with a personal insurance expert.
  • More Benefits by Your Organisation → This is a brand new feature when enabled for your organisation which can help your organisation to have one place to access all benefits by your organisation even if those benefits are not provided by Nova Benefits. Here are a few examples of additional benefits at Nova Benefits organisation in this category.

While insurance benefits have a standard expectation and basic awareness of their value, the same is not true for wellness benefits. Wellness benefits need added explanation and pitch for you to understand their value and act on availing them.

Complete Wellness Event Calendar & Live Update

Our wellness events are quite popular with several hundred attendees in each weekly session. We love them at Nova Benefits and several of our partner client organisations have said so too. However, there were a lot of improvements in ensuring the wellness events on our platform are much more transparent and immersive feature. We’ve introduced the following improvements

  • Display future wellness events which you can reserve your seat and get notified about
  • Access past wellness events
  • Get notified about an event which is starting and you’ve signed up for it

By implementing these changes, we are confident that our clients will see a significant improvement in employee engagement with their benefits. Employees will have a better understanding of what benefits they are entitled to, and how they can use them to improve their overall well-being. This, in turn, will lead to a more productive and satisfied workforce, which benefits both the employee and the employer.

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