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Benefits of teleconsultation for employees in India

Organisations worldwide are providing telehealth services as a part of their employee wellness program. Apart from being an easy way to seek medical consultation, teleconsultations can help employees access experts across various specialities for physical and mental health.

But, before we delve into the many benefits of teleconsultations, let’s understand what it means.

What are telemedicine services?

Telemedicine services are a technology-based distribution of professional medical consultations. It allows patients to connect with a certified medical specialist at any location through call, video call or message for medical support.

Why are Indian corporates investing in teleconsultation as a part of their employee wellness program?

Teleconsultation services are a great way to ensure a positive impact on employees’ health and wellness, here’s how:

Time efficient:

With access to teleconsultations, employees no longer have to spend time travelling or waiting for in-person appointments. Teleconsultations can be booked by the patient for their preferred date and timing.

Increased accessibility:

Post-covid, several companies have adopted remote or hybrid working, allowing employees to work from home. In many cases, employees can be operating from rural areas with limited access to proper healthcare. Telehealth helps such employees get instant medical attention from experts across the country. 

All-in-one availability:

Most teleconsultation platforms will allow employees to access doctors across different specialities , enabling them to seek medical help for different ailments in one place.    

With the telehealth services provided by Nova, employees can access unlimited teleconsultations across 20+ specialities, including homoeopathy, ayurveda, dental, gynaecology and many more from 76,000+ hospitals

Extensive coverage:   

Apart from covering their employees, employers can also enable teleconsultation benefits for their employees’ families in order to help them get the necessary medical support anytime they need.

Nova’s telehealth plan allows employees to add five of their family members to the telehealth plan.

Financially beneficial:

Many teleconsultation subscriptions also provide patients with discounts on medicines and diagnostic tests as an add-on benefit, helping them save on medical costs that aren’t covered by insurance.

With Nova’s telehealth plan, employees can avail flat 20% on all medicine purchases and up to 40% discount on all diagnostic tests.

How can Indian corporates enable free online doctor consultation?

In addition to providing group health insurance coverage, companies can enable their employees to talk to a doctor online for free by adding telehealth to their employee benefits package, thereby ensuring that their team can proactively work towards improving physical and mental health with just one click. This can be done by partnering with employee wellness platforms or through telehealth providers.

If you are looking for the best telemedicine service in India for your employees, schedule a call with us, and we’ll make sure you get the best deal for you and your team!

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