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India Goes Big on Insurance Cover This Ganesh Chaturthi!

The GSB Sarvajanik Mandal of Mumbai set a record after purchasing a whopping ₹316 crores insurance policy

In less than 24 hours; the streets will erupt with chants as devotees welcome their beloved Bappa. In 1893, Lokmanya Tilak started the public celebration in Pune to unite Indians. Today, the festival is defined by its grandeur and incomprehensible sums of money. 

The GSB Sarvajanik Mandal is the richest public group in Mumbai. The mandal’s idol graces the streets of King’s Square every year in all its glory. The richest mandal leads the way for multiple reasons. 

Every year, mandals across the country attract between a few thousand and half a million devotees. To accommodate such a crowd, large temporary setups are necessary. Ultimately, the mandals have to factor in the risk of life and property. 

When The Gods Invest in Insurance 

The GSB Mandal is also known for its extravagant insurance cover. In 2019, their insurance cover was worth ₹267 crores; in 2022, they set a record with an insurance cover worth a whopping ₹316 crores!

The Tale of the ₹316 Crore Insurance

"We have taken an Insurance Cover of ₹316.40 crores. Every single natural calamity and disaster is covered. The insurance covers mandap, jewellery of the Lord, our staff, devotees and our equipment," said Amit Pai of the GSB Mandal.

The massive jump in insurance cover is credited to technological advancements such as QR codes for prasad, puja and donation. The mandal aims to “do things paperless this time”. Tokens and receipts will be sent to the devotees via email, text and WhatsApp. 
Mandals across the country must also prepare for cyber and data security threats. Similar to insurance for laptops & other installations, insurance companies also provide data security insurance that adds another layer of protection.

The policy has been provided by The New India Insurance Company, and the coverage is extensive and unique.

  • Cover against every single natural calamity and disaster such as earthquakes, floods and terrorist attacks.
  • ₹263 crores of personal insurance cover for the pandal, volunteers, priests, cooks, footwear stall workers, valet parking volunteers and security guards.
  • ₹31 crores for 66.5 kg of gold, 33 kg of silver and other valuable items.
  • ₹1 crore standard fire & speciality peril with earthquake risk for furniture, fittings, computers, CCTV cameras and scanners.
  • ₹10 lakhs per person in case of a tragedy or loss of life.

The Lalbaugcha Raja 

Almost 10 Km further, is the oldest and most popular Lalbaugcha Raja. Each year, people from all walks of life visit Lalbaug to seek the Lord's blessings. This year, the Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandal has purchased an insurance policy worth ₹25.5 crores.

"Our total insurance cover of ₹25.5 crores is of the same amount as it was two years ago," said Mangesh Dalvi of Lalbaugcharaja Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandal.

Lalbaughcha Raja’s insurance policy covers:

  • ₹6.14 crores for the idol.
  • ₹5 lakhs per person.
  • The mandap, volunteers, and ornaments. 

Azad Nagar Sarvajanik Utsav Samiti (ANSUS)—also known as Andhericha Raja—is still working our its coverage amount. The trust said that they are introducing some precautionary measures.
"This time, we are having beds and doctors at hand so that ready help is available," said Uday Salian, spokesperson of ANSUS.

While mandals across the country strive to elucidate culture and save traditions, such conscious initiatives are always welcome.

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