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A Quick Guide To Ensure Physical, And Mental Wellness During Covid-19

With the drastic increase in Covid cases all across the country, it is vital to ensure that we take all necessary steps to stay both mentally, and physically fit.

This blog contains a compilation of easy ways in which you can ensure mental, and physical wellness for yourself, your family and your team-members.

Ways to stay physically fit during Covid-19

Taking short breaks : Take short breaks to walk around your house or room every 30 minutes to exercise your muscles.

Stretch : Ensure that while you work from home, you take time to stretch to avoid joint pain and to help relax your muscles.

Working out / Yoga : Follow online videos for a quick 30 minute workout or yoga to keep fit while safe at home.

Maintain proper posture : Ensure you maintain proper posture while working to avoid back pain.

Get proper rest : Along with following a good workout routine, make sure to get proper rest and sleep.

Consume healthy food : Make sure to follow a healthy diet to avoid getting sick and to boost your immunity to fight against the virus.

Ways to ensure mental wellness during Covid-19

Stay in contact with loved ones : Make sure that even while you stay at home, you take some time out to catch up with family and friends, online, in order to stay connected.

Practice deep breathing and meditation : Deep breathing and meditation can help calm your mind when you find yourself overwhelmed with anxious thoughts.

Get proper sleep : 8 hours of sleep can do wonders for your mental and physical health by providing energy to tackle all the work scheduled for the next day

Lessen Screen-time: Ensure that you take some time out to keep all technological devices aside to relax your mind from constant content consumption.

Get professional help : In case you feel that your mental health is worsening or find yourself feeling mentally overwhelmed, you can always seek professional guidance to help you cope with such tough times.

Till we overcome these tough times, we hope these tips help you stay healthy from the comforts of your home.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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